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Wondering why you should buy Belize property when considering a move? All you need is one visit and you'll be convinced for yourself by the welcoming locals and beautiful natural scenery all around. But if you need help making up your mind, here's a list of reasons why Belize is one of the best places to live.

  • Belize is an English speaking country
  • You acquire full title to land and property in Belize
  • Easy access from North America - 2hrs from Houston or Miami
  • Belize Retirement Program for those 45 or older
  • Belize Residency Program
  • No Inheritance Tax in Belize
  • No Capital Gains Tax in Belize
  • Good standard of living in Belize
  • Stable government
  • Member of the British Commonwealth
  • Member of the United Nations
  • Fixed exchange rate - US$1 = BZ$2
  • Year-round tropical climate in Belize
  • 2nd largest barrier reef in the world
  • 185 miles of unspoiled coastline
  • Virgin rainforest
  • Multi-cultural society in Belize
  • Good education system
  • N.A. electrical standard
  • Potable water in Belize
  • Peaceful nation
  • Friendly people in Belize
  • Breathtakingly beautiful scenery

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