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Belize - Natural and Breathtaking
says The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore.

Jim Catore's last visit to Belize saw him boating on the mid and southern coast. He suggests taking advantage of rainforests, Mayan ruins and the barrier reef. - USA Today

Belize Flower of the Month

Heliconia, also known as the false Bird of Paradise, are ubiquitous in Belize and lend themselves to enhancing your yard and gardens. Here are some facts about this wonderful member of the banana family.

Heliconia Plant
  • Heliconia is named after Mount Helicon, the seat of the Muses, the nine goddesses of the arts and sciences in Greek mythology.
  • The Heliconia's bracts are so large and colorful that they almost hide the flowers altogether. This keeps the flower's sweet nectar from other birds so that only specialized birds can get to it.
  • Heliconia has oblong leaves growing opposite one another on nonwoody stems, often forming large clumps with age.
  • Heliconias are grown as landscape plants.
  • Heliconis grow to a height of 3-30 feet in height.
  • There are some species of Heliconia which have upright facing flowers.
  • Some heliconia flowers droop down from the main stem and are called hanging heliconia.

Big Oceanfront Lots
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Housing Starts

The past two months have seen a resurgence of building starts in Hopkins and down to Placencia peninsula. With ten projects presently on the go in South Hopkins, December will see another start; this one a 4,000 square foot duplex on the beach in Phase One. The up and down structure should be ready by late next year say the people at Bay Palm Construction. Beach Homes & Properties

Businessman Added as Special Police Constable

Michael Young - Special Police ConstableCPC Real Estate Solutions is pleased to announce that Michael Young, one of the principals of the company, has been awarded Special Constable status by the Belize Police Department. Michael took the time and the initiative to complete the special course under the auspices of the Belize Police Department.

"I found that with some of the resources I have at hand, that I could be of assistance to the Hopkins Police should the occasion arise." Michael also finds time to sit on the board of the Hopkins Humane Society and is a very active member in the society's efforts. For more information on the Humane society, please click here.

Life's A Beach!

And that beach is much more enjoyable when it's cleaned up. That's what Albert Nunez, President of the National Garifuna Council, and his team of volunteers have been doing in Hopkins recently after mother nature and her storms dumped logs and debris on the shores of Hopkins.

Soliciting help from the area, Albert was provided with a backhoe from the fine folks at Hopkins Bay. Following that came labour support from the Hopkins Garifuna Council and many of the village youngsters as well. The log debris was accepted by Palmetto Grove and the clean-up group continued to remove burn piles and other trash. Thanks to all involved

Real Estate Prices Hold Steady, More Selection

Lea Snyder and Assistant AvaThe popular Edmonton, Alberta Recreation & Investment Real Estate Show saw a cooperative display effort from Sarkiki Reef Resort and CPC Real Estate Solutions this past September. Lea Snyder of CPC, found the exposure given to Belize was of interest to the many visitors who attended the weekend event.

"Alberta has always had a strong representation of individual and corporate investment in Belize and that interest has not diminished due to their strong economy" says Snyder.

CPC has plans for more participation in similar shows to promote their clients interests in marketing their properties and spreading the good word about Belize in general.

Belize gets $2.5 million IDB financing to improve land management

Source: Inter-American Development Bank

Resources will support land security and help create a dynamic land market The Inter-American Development Bank today approved a $2.5 million loan to Belize to assist the government establish a more dynamic and efficient land market by improving country-wide access to land management services, their quality and efficiency.

Hopkins Harbor Developments

Hopkins Harbor Developments is on the move again! Last year's economic setbacks, have affected every development worldwide and Hopkins Bay Developments is no exception. As a result, management has decided to focus on their triplex and sixplex projects. The 40 acre Hopkins Bay Resort property on the sea front, and bordering Fresh Water Creek, will also bring to market 81 new residential lots.

CPC Inventory is Quite Diverse

This economic downturn, having affected businesses and individuals worldwide, has had some affect on pricing in the south coast areas. Most CPC listings remain static in pricing, although there are some exceptions. A small beach lot in Phase 2 of Sittee Point Estates is selling for US$ 90K, another standard 50X125' in P-2 is priced to sell at $97K. Phase Four offers five lots at this time, beginning at $199K.

For the discerning buyer, an executive 5,000 square foot turnkey duplex, on a beautiful 75' X 300' foot beach lot is now selling for $975K, down from $1.1M


The CPC Team at CPC Real Estate Solutions Ltd.
Edited by Patrick Doyle