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When looking to invest in the real estate market, it's always wise to seek out Brokers that will have your best interest at heart. At CPC, we have amassed over 50 years of experience and work with some of the industry’s leading Real Estate Agents. Our Agents are rooted in-country and have access to local information within your neighbourhood of interest; this gives us the ability to negotiate on your behalf and ensure that you always get the best deals.

At CPC, we know that it's not always an easy task to find that perfect investment property and we understand exactly what it entails to lock in the right deal that will offer a high return on your investment. One thing's for sure - our Team will ensure that all your requirements are met, that you are comfortable with the end result, and that you are kept well informed every step of the way.

Ceiba Beach resort is a great place to relax and re-energize yourself along the tranquil waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Ceiba Beach Resort and Residences

The roads, canals, cable, and water have been completed for the residences on the lagoon side which will overlook the Placencia Lagoon and stunning Mayan Mountain range. The lagoon residences have an available in-house design and build team that can work with you to build your beautiful Caribbean dream home. There will also be an on-site management team that will be able to take care of your home with property management services available should you chose to rent it when you are away.

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Our trained agents make buying Belize property safe and secure; and with offices strategically located in the most sought after parts of Belize – Belize City, Corozal, Cayo, Hopkins, Sittee Point, Placencia and Punta Gorda – you are sure to find the perfect piece of Belize real estate to suit your every need. Together, our experienced agents have over 125 years of experience working in the Belize real estate market and guarantee the best service in the real estate industry.

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Caribbean Property Consultants is your trusted source for all real estate transactions in Belize. Working closely with reliable and experienced real estate professionals is our commitment to you. This also includes the land titles office, local surveyors and Belize attorneys who specialize in Belize real estate transactions. read more

Why Buy Property in Belize

Belize's magnetic pull to all who visit is one of the main reasons we ventured into real estate sales in Belize. While a relatively small country, Belize guarantees land investment security and offers a wide cross section of opportunities and benefits to those looking to buy real estate. Though a tiny nation with only a mere 8,867 square miles, Belize offers a vast range of landscapes with the opportunity to own your own island, build a home from scratch, purchase an existing home or live a carefree life under a dense jungle canopy - all within reach of urban areas and essential services.
To sweeten the pot, Belize is an English-speaking country with a democratic government and offers retirement packages with incentives (such as duty exemptions) for those considering retiring in Belize. Best of all, Belize's currency is locked in to the US Dollar at USD $1 to BZ $2 and is only a short flight away from the U.S., making it a perfect choice whether you're looking for a vacation home, investment property, or a retirement in paradise... read more
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