Hopkins Belize Humane Society

Play a video of the vets visit to Hopkins in September 2008



CPC is proud to be a supporter of the Hopkins Humane Society. The organization brings down volunteer veterinarians from the U.S. and Canada to do "no cost/low cost" clinics that provide spay/neutering, vaccinations, treatments and care of all animals brought into the clinics. They are also conducting puppy classes to promote the care and training of pets.

Your generous donations of cash, collars, leashes and other pet supplies are very much appreciated! To learn more about the humane society, please please contact Michael Young 011-501-666-7000 or by email, michael@belizeproperty.com or visit http://www.hopkinsbelizehumanesociety.com/

Please help me, if you can

The most urgent project right now being undertaken by the committee is to finance and build a permanent Animal Shelter so that there will be a safe haven to shelter the stray and unwanted animals until they can be placed into a safe and loving environment. Right now, there is a local resident who has graciously volunteered to foster the puppies for the society until a suitable permanent location can be established, but unfortunately, there is currently little that can be done to take care of the older dogs.

The society is desperately trying to keep treatments and care for the poor unfortunate animals free of charge for those that can not afford it, and ask for donations from the owners of pets that are more fortunate. As with all non profit groups, the Hopkins Belize Humane Society is always looking for those of you who either can lend a helping hand, or who can donate to keep this project running and make it into the success that all believe it can become. Any and all help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. For those of you planning a trip to the local area here in Belize, you may consider stopping by your local pet store and telling the management about this project or referring them to this website. They may wish to make a donation of some extra leashes and various sized collars for the dogs which are items that are always in short supply or unaffordable to the local residents which you could pack into your luggage and bring down with you on your vacation! Thank you for taking the time to come and visit us here and learn about the plight of these poor unfortunate animals, from all of the committee members and volunteers of the Hopkins Belize Humane Society.

For more information on how you can contribute to this very worthwhile endeavor, please contact Michael Young 011-501-666-7000 or by email, michael@belizeproperty.com or visit http://www.hopkinsbelizehumanesociety.com/