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Caribbean Property Consultants
P.O. Box 149 Dangriga
Stann Creek, Belize, Central America
Email: to send us email, please use:
info (then the @ symbol)

In North America, call: 1-250-361-7159
North American calls to Belize: +501-615-9000
Europe - dial 00-501-615-9000

(Belize's area code is 501)

Sittee Point   Placencia  
Michael Young 614-9000 Dan Dunbar 615-7500
Danie Oosthuizen 615-9000 Chris Swanepoel 672-9000
John Stewart 665-7494    
Belize City   Michael Young 614-9000
Alice Gillett 604-5434 Danie Oosthuizen 615-9000
Marsha Samuels White 615-9885 John Stewart 665-7494
Cayo   Punta Gorda  
Petra Wolf 620-2896 Patrick Snyder 667-3254
Peter Wolf 605-4640    
Maria Brooks Smith 665-5923 Independence  
    Will & Shelley Muschamp 652-9884 / 666-7379
Corozal / Consejo      
Karen Wilkinson 636-8400    

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