Medical Services and Hospitals in Belize

Health, Medical Services and Medicine in Belize:
Vaccinations or medical clearances are not required for entry into Belize. It is recommended that you bring your own prescription medicine and anti-malaria tablets if you are planning extended visits to jungle areas in Belize. Potable water is available in most areas, but if in doubt ask or boil your water.

Note - there are no medical endemic diseases reported in Belize at this time.

The basic structure for medical services and health care delivery in Belize is provided by a network of seven district hospitals which are divided into four regions (Northern Region - Orange Walk and Corozal Districts, Central Region - Belize District, Western Region - Cayo District and Southern Region - Stann Creek and Toledo Districts) with the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital being the national referral hospital in Belize.

There is also an infirmary for the care of geriatric and chronically ill patients in Belize. Local medical training for nurses and midwives is provided at the Belize School of Nursing.

A new offshore medical University is presently operating in the country. To date, most physicians and physician-specialists have been trained in medicine either at the University of the West Indies or at one of the Latin American Universities (Guatemala, Costa Rica or Mexico).

Belize medicine, doctors, health care and medical serivces are considered above average for Caribbean countries.