Belize Investment

Real estate and commercial investment opportunities in Belize

Belize does not have an estate tax or capital gains tax. Investment in Belize is actively encouraged and many investment incentives are presently being offered to entice foreign investment in Belize.

Under the Belize Fiscal Incentives Act of 1990, enterprises approved by the Belize government may be granted tax holidays of five, ten, twelve, or fifteen years depending on the nature of the enterprise and the degree of ownership in conjunction with Belize national(s). Under this act, foreign nationals may repatriate 100% of their investment and profits, provided they register with the Central Bank of Belize.

Belize provides the three main elements sought by international investors:

Stability: Long-standing, democratic tradition; independent judiciary, exchange rate fixed for 25 years.

Profitability: Flexible fiscal incentives and concessions, Commercial Free Zones, Export Processing Zones, Repatriation of profits and dividends.

Livability: Subtropical climate, virgin rainforest, friendly people, un-spoilt beaches, and a spectacular barrier reef, with incredible marine life.

Belize is strategically located next to Mexico, near the US and the Caribbean islands, rich in natural resources with a stable and supportive economy, bilingual workforce, and established infrastructure.

There is a well-developed legal system modeled off British Common Law and statutes. The Government of Belize enacted a series of legislative measures to make Belize an ideal offshore jurisdiction. To learn more about the acts and legislation, please click here.

These include the Retired Persons (Incentives) Act which offers certain tax exemptions and incentives to qualified retired persons; the International Business Company (Amendment) Act, which provides for the establishment of limited life companies; the Trust Act in 1992 for the benefit of any person whether or not ascertained or in existence and for the valid charitable or non-charitable benefit of all.

Today because of its laws, Belize has become the offshore jurisdiction of choice. Offshore companies (Belize IBC) are allowed to own real estate properties along with any other type of property in Belize.

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