30 Acre Property for Sale in Teakettle Village

Agent: Petra Wolf
ID #428
Price: USD $135,000 | BZ $270,000
Availability Status: Reduced

Property Information for ID #428

Unique Property With Beautiful Mountains and Dramatic Vistas


The 30.5 acre property is continuous 4 different parcels. It is an excellent natural location, very unique geographically with high hills and dramatic vistas.


Although just off the well-traveled Western Highway the property with the valley is effectively insulated by the surrounding hills from the Highway noise, it is absolutely quiet located. It could be an excellent location for private residence or tourist business.


A central valley encompasses part of 2 parcels (190 and 195, together about 28 acre). The back, south border 195 is also a valley. The old Western Highway divides those two properties and has an all weather road bed.

The area where 190 and 195 first begin to face each other across the old Highway is immediately bordered by very steep hills and is an excellent natural location for a gated entrance. After that narrow short entrance part, the valley quickly widens out. The valley 190/ 195 is in the form of a narrow entrance to a box canon.

Lots 2172 and 193 (together about 2.5 acre) have frontage on the Western Highway. It has immediate access to electricity and the public water system.


The land is a major parrot nesting and roosting site. There is high species density of differing birds and other wildlife. The property is located in the Teakettle Village, conveniently just about 8 Miles away from the capital Belmopan. Enjoy birds and wildlife in a lush tropical mainland area, while still having close access to all the amenities of San Ignacio, Belmopan and surrounding area of the CAYO District.


Parcel 2172 = 0.912 acre; Parcel 193 = 1.677 acre; Parcel 190 = 10.553 acre; Parcel 195 = 17.393 acre


Just recently reduced from $150,000.- US to $135,00.- US.


Please contact me for more information on ths property today!


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For more information, please call: 250-361-7159
Address: Teakettle Village
City/Town/Village: Belmopan City
Neighborhood: Western Highway
District: Cayo
Lot Size: 30.5 acre
Availability Status: Reduced

Annual Property Tax: US $100

Community Features
  • Municipal Power
  • Municipal Water
  • Paved Roads
  • Public Transportation

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