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CPC Real Estate Solutions Ltd. is your trusted broker when purchasing real estate in Belize! We have seven offices throughout the country with experienced agents ready and willing to serve you. Collectively, our agents have over 125 years of experience that enables them to provide the most assistance to our clients with their MLS transactions. Our agents take special pride in helping our clients find the best property possible to make their own. Our offices are located in Belize City, Hopkins, Maya Beach, Placencia, Punta Gorda, San Ignacio and Sittee Point.

Whether you're looking for beachfront or river front lots, investment, development or commercial properties,  either retirement or vacation home opportunities; our knowledgeable brokers can assist you each step of the way and provide expert insight into the real estate market. Buying and owning property in Belize has never been easier.

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Land investment security is the main advantage we have over any other country in the Caribbean. Also, being an English speaking country is definitely an asset for foreign investors wishing to invest and purchase real estate in Belize. The quality of life offered in Belize is by far the best in Central America, and that of most other Caribbean countries. The prices of land here, in comparison to other territories in the region, are also the least expensive; and they continue to remain affordable. Our trained agents, available all over the country, make buying property safe and secure.

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Close proximity to North America is another compelling factor for choosing Belize as a retirement or vacation home investment destination. We're only a two hour flight from Miami and from Houston or Dallas. Most Caribbean counter parts have reached their investment potential. This is the new hot spot for buying Caribbean properties. Many savvy investors, seeing the immense potential this beautiful country has to offer, have decided to make their move now before prices catch up to those in other Caribbean destinations. Contact us now and get expert help in finding real estate in Belize today!

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